Zoom’s CEO emigrated from China 22 years ago and spoke little English — now he’s worth almost $3 billion

Not even Eric Yuans closest friends, oldest advisers and earliest investors thought Zoom needed to exist. It was 2011, and the market was littered with videoconferencing systems from Google, Skype, GoToMeeting and Cisco, where Yuan had been leading WebExs engineering team.

He came to a market that everybody said was done, said Dan Scheinman, Ciscos former head of corporate development whos now an angel investor and Zoom board member. He was competing with free and some pretty big incumbents.

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Samsung’s $2,000 folding phone gave me a brief but tantalizing glimpse of the future — before it broke

Samsungs Galaxy Fold is the first phone you can buy with a foldable display that allows the device to serve as both a traditional phone and, when unfolded, a tablet.

It gave me a taste of the future. Then, two days into testing, it completely broke, making clear that this is not a product ready for todays phone buyers.

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Here’s how advertisers are getting tech companies to clean up their act or risk losing billions

Advertisers havent been afraid to pull money out of Facebook or YouTube campaigns, following the exposures of controversial content hosted on the platforms, but they always seem to come crawling back.

Theyre caught in a Catch-22. Tech companies may get caught hosting content like terrorist videos or targeted comments from pedophiles, but their massive audiences make their platforms next to impossible for advertisers to quit in the end.

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Talking to a therapist through Alexa could make mental health care more accessible

Starting this summer, youll be able to talk to a therapist through Amazon Alexa. For the many people who struggle with anxiety and depression, its a huge challenge to find an affordable therapist. Now, a growing group of apps, including Talkspace and The Difference, are looking to solve the problem by using technology to improve access.

Digital mental health involves using smartphones, the web, and even Amazon Alexa for consults. But some question whether the virtual approach is it right for every patient, particularly those with more serious mental health conditions.

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Amazon is shutting down its China marketplace business. Here’s why it has struggled

Queenie Liao, an office worker in Guangzhou, China, shops online several times a week. Alibabas Taobao and JD.com are her go-to platforms, but it wasnt always that way.

I used to use Amazon a few years ago. Amazon was one of the first online shops in China and a lot of friends told me that the things from Amazon were much more trustable. Thats why I used it, Liao told CNBC. Taobao and JD have more items now.

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Dow rises more than 100 points after big day for earnings and IPOs

Stocks closed higher on Thursday as Wall Street digested more corporate earnings reports, solid retail data and two highly anticipated initial public offerings.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 110 points to 26,559.54 as shares of Travelers advanced. The S&P 500 gained 0.2% to end the day at 2,905.03, led by industrials. The Nasdaq Composite closed just above the flatline at 7,998.06. U.S. markets will be closed on Friday due to Good Friday.

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‘Avengers: Endgame’: Lead like a Marvel superhero in the workforce

Although Avengers: Endgame will be the inevitable conclusion to an 11-year story arc for Disney and Marvel, it is the iconic characters that make these movies the $1 billion prizes that they are. Heroes like Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow have enriched the comic book genre, providing consumers with not only action and humor, but fine examples with how to be efficient leaders.

According to experts, here are the top leadership traits that can be learned from the original six Avengers.

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