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  • Successful Conference Call Tips and Advice

    Successful Conference Call Tips and Advice


    Just like a face-to-face meeting, attendees are evaluating your leadership style, etiquette and professionalism. This blog post we decided to give some tips for conference call leaders or hosts. (We have a link at the end for some phone meeting participant tips.)

    7 Tips for Hosting a Conference Call

    Tip 1 – Timing is Everything

    Different Time zones can make conference calling challenging.  Try to schedule when it suits most people on the call, especially the clients.

    Tip 2 – Hidden Agenda?

    Don’t run the meeting off-the-cuff. Create an agenda and forward in advance to ensure everyone comes prepared. This also keeps people on track and timely.

    Tip 3 – Delegate

    Assign a minute taker as it’s difficult for the Host to lead and take notes. (Don’t always assign the same person and definitely not always a woman. Contrary to some men’s beliefs, women don’t possess a special minute taking gene.)

    Tip 4 – Short and Sweet

    Start the phone meeting on time and end it on time. The host should be on the call at least 5 minutes prior to the formal start so you are not wasting people’s time with setup etc. And wrap it up before you lose people’s attention.

    Tip 5 – Roll Call

    Have everyone briefly introduce themselves (first and last names and position). Remind them to preface their comments with their name.

    Tip 6 – House Keeping

    Provide info on how participants should notify leader if they run into technical difficulties and can’t get through, (email, cell phone, etc.) Also remind people to use the mute button (pressing *6 will mute most phones).

    Tip 7 – Recap

    Follow up on the call by email, recapping decisions that were made or actions to be taken. This clears up any confusion about assignments and it’s also nice etiquette to thank everyone for participating.

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