Zuckerberg dodges shareholder’s question about whether he’d give up his power at Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday dodged shareholder questions about his willingness to step down as Facebook CEO or chairman.

A lot of the conversation, the comments and the proposals this morning have been about power, voting power, holding the chair and CEO role. Can you respond directly to the question of whether you would be willing to cede some of that power? a shareholder asked Zuckerberg during the Facebook annual shareholder meeting.

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Why tech companies keep hitting the same wall when they try to get into health care

Technology companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft keep making moves in the health sector, which isnt surprising given that it represents a $3.5 trillion opportunity.

But these companies keep hitting the same stumbling block: the inability to share health information across medical systems. Millions of patients are learning that they cant share clinical data from their electronic medical records between doctors, especially among those working at different hospitals. They face a similar challenge getting billing information.

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Twilio takes advantage of 760% surge in stock price to raise more capital

Twilios stock has soared more than eight-fold from its 2016 debut to over $129 as of Wednesdays close. The cloud software company is now using that rally as an opportunity to raise more cash.

Twilio said it has started a share offering to bring in $750 million and has plans to let underwriters buy another $112.5 million worth of stock.ÂIn afilingÂon Wednesday, the company said it expects to sell shares at $132.95 each.

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Amazon will soon let you ask Alexa to delete your voice recordings — here’s how

Amazon on Wednesday announced that it will soon allow people to ask Alexa to delete some of the things it saves when you ask it questions. It will launch with a newAlexa Privacy Hub that will give users more information on how Echo devices are designed and the controls you have over your Alexa experience, Amazon said.

Amazon stores every conversation you have with Alexa after you speak theAlexa wake word and you currently have to open the Alexa app on your phone to delete your voice history.

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Huawei USA security chief suggests the company could be open to ‘mitigation measures’ to address US national security concerns

The chief security officer at Huawei Technologies USA signaled on CNBC on Wednesday that the Chinese telecom giant might be open to taking steps to address U.S. national security concerns.

In different countries in the world, we negotiate with respective governments on what kind of assurance framework they need, Huaweis Andy Purdy toldSquawk Box. Some measures, he said, might include requirements around selling to government or to critical infrastructure projects. While saying he cannot prejudge any possible conditions, Purdy said he would beastounded if we werent open to those kinds of risk mitigation measures.

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iRobot is one step ahead of Roomba competitors and knockoffs

Worldwide sales of consumer robots reached $5.6 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach $19 billion by the end of 2025, and thats in no small part thanks to iRobot.

The nameiRobot might not be as well known as its flagship product, the Roomba. The company just launched some big updates to its product line, including a new, larger mopping robot called the Braava. Its goal is to have a complete home-cleaning robot fleet, so you never have to mow, or mop, or vacuum.

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Twitter is hiring a ‘Tweeter in Chief’ — here’s what the job listing calls for

Twitters career page lists a newTweeter in Chief position that the company is hoping to fill in San Francisco, New York or any office in the US. Whoever gets it has to run the @Twitter account.

Youll set the tone of who we are and how we act, and talk to people on Twitter, the job listing says. No big deal. It also calls for the person to tell the story of Twitters purpose and product innovation.

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